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The Importance of Developing a Social Media Presence

To say that Facebook is just an interactive yearbook for college-aged kids or that Twitter is a billboard for user's self-centered daily musings is to ignore all of the potential social networks have for businesses.

Even though social media websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are void of a clear business model, that doesn't mean your company shouldn't take advantage of the free brand building opportunities they offer. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, social media sites offer businesses a chance to create a two-way, extended conversation with their customers.

Users enjoy having the ability to interact with their favorite brands online. They feel better served by companies that have a social media presence. Rather than seeing social networks just as another way to advertise, focus on them as a way to improve customer service and build loyalty. Be updated on what your customers are saying. The feedback is valuable, whether positive or negative, and should be responded to. Let them talk and take the time to listen.